page_2Ammophos (NH4H2PO4) – is a highly concentrated fertilizer comprising Nitrogen and Phosphor, mainly in a water-soluble composition and it is assimilated by plants very well. One metric centner of ammophos substitutes for not less than 2.5 metric centners of simple superphosphate and 0.35 centner of ammonium nitrate. It is slightly hygroscopic and soluble mineral fertilizer, it doesn’t cake and well-dispersed.

Ammophos is used for amelioration of phosphate soil conditions in critical initial period of growing plants. Phosphor is a strategic nourishment element for agricultural crops and plants, especially at beginning of growth for spring crops when their week rootages have low uptaking capacity. Application of phosphor at the beginning of growth period helps to development a strong rootage, rapid formation of sprouts and leaves, increasing resistance to diseases and drought.

Lack of phosphor at formation period of reproductive organs of other crops hampers the development and delays the ripening of plants, causes the decrease of harvest and the inferior quality of products.

Its preplant and row applying is an additional way to basic method of usage the easy-to-assimilate phosphor compounds. Ammophos 12-52 is an effective mineral fertilizer for applying for spring crops, rape, pulse plants (peas, soya), perennials. The rate of ammophos application before sowing of these crops depends on provision of travelling phosphor in topsoil. This rate is usually 60-90 kg/hectare of reactant (1.2-1.7 centner/hectare of physical weight). Besides having a high aftereffect ammophos favours the substantial raising of the crop yield level of the next winter wheat.

Ammophos 12-52 favours
* the increase crop productivity
* the formation of a strong rootage
* the increasing resistance of crops to diseases and drought
* the formation and ripening of crops
* the improvement quality of products
* the extension of the date expiry for products

Ammophos is used for the next crops:
* winter crops (wheat, rye, barley, oats)
* pulse plants(peas, soya)
* corns
* sugar beets
* sunflowers
* rapes

Ammophos 12-52 is widely used as main preplant and especially as row mineral fertilizer for different agricultural crops and for all soil-climatic zones of the country. It creates more favourable phosphate condition comparing with superphosphate on neutral and alkalescent soil (carbonate mould humus, meadow and forest carbonate soil, chestnut soil, grey-brownish soil).

Ammophos is reasonably to use in dry areas, where nitrogen fertilizer is less required than phosphorus. It is also widely used in greenhouse as well as with nitrogen and potassium fertilizers.

A lot of grades of mixed complex fertilizers NPK (fertilizer mixtures) are prepared on basis of ammophos 12-52.