page_1Ammonium nitrate refers to the type of fertilizer, without which it is virtually impossible modern agriculture. Belonging to the family of nitrogen fertilizers, versatility application, the possibility of industrial volumes production and supplying, matured technology production - that's pluses, which remain steadfast positions of ammonium nitrate on the fertilizer market.

Ammonium nitrate (NH4 NO3) - well soluble highly concentrated fertilizer. It contains 34.4% nitrogen. For agriculture, nitrate produced in the form of granules of spherical shape. Among all fertilizers, it ranks on the first place on use in agricultural industry, which accounts 55-60% of the fertilizer market in Ukraine. Has a high hygroscopicity.


This fertilizer is produced as follows: nitrogen fixed with hydrogen, as a result of the ongoing reaction produces ammonia, ammonia is subsequently oxidized to nitric acid, and when you combine ammonia with nitric acid, then we obtain the ammonium nitrate that is ammonium nitrate. Such agro chemistry will contain nitrogen in two forms that is ammonium and nitrate (17 per cent of ammonium and 17 per cent of nitrate nitrogen, in the amount for 34 percent of nitrogen). Ammonium nitrate is a colorless hygroscopic crystalline substance that dissolves easily in water (with a strong decreasing in the temperature of the solution), as well as explosive.

The popularity of ammonium nitrate due to its versatility, as this fertilizer commonly used in agriculture for all crops and all soil types.

As mentioned above, ammonium nitrate as fertilizer for all cultures is widely used in agriculture, while it used both as feed and as a major preplant fertilizer.

The recommended dosage of fertilizer is as follows:

* as feed - one-half quintal per hectare
* as a basic fertilizer - three quintal per hectare.

Particularly popular ammonium nitrate got among those who are engaged in cultivation of such crops as wheat and rye, as in this case, using this fertilizer for early spring feeding, you can get a significant increase of grain - from three to five quintals for hectare. Besides, this fertilizer also carries as a main in spring and fall, by plowing, and together with other fertilizers. In that case, if the soil is light, the ammonium nitrate is made under cultivation before sowing, if the acidic, buffer - constantly fertilize. Fractional making of ammonium nitrate can significantly reduce losses due to leaching of nitrate nitrogen.

Ammonium nitrate is used not only individually, but also in mixtures with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, but it should be noted that the need to mix them just prior to the introduction into the soil.