We unites 5 chemical enterprises which are the examples of technical progress in the industry:

PJSC «Concern Stirol»


PJSC «Azot»


PJSC «Rivneazot»


PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association»


АS «Nitrofert»


Environmental commitment Environmental consciousness Striving to preserve natural resources and create auspicious conditions for future generations’ life BERIUMCHEM implements a number of long-term programs aimed at water and air basin protection, natural gas conservation and production energy-efficiency increasing.



Investments to BERIUMCHEM environmental initiatives are oriented at production processes modernization and innovative technologies adoption contributing to ecological situation improvement.


120,1 UAH million

132,2 UAH million

150,1 UAH million

2013 year

2014 year

2015 year




Water basin

We steadily improve water treatment technologies making our purifying systems the best in the Dnieper basin.



Enterprises Rivneazot and Azot (Cherkasy) treat sewage waters in the regions where plants operate Since 2001 PJSC «Concern Stirol» has been introducing the close cycle production technologies PrJSC «Severodonetsk Association Azot» has renovated the technological sewage treatment facilities in the organic synthesis unit in order to increase the wastewater’s quality and improve the regional water system


Atmospheric air

We ensure the air basin purity through introducing innovative treatment facilities and permanent control of hazardous emissions level.



PJSC «Concern Stirol» has implemented automated environment control systems providing on line data on ammonia and other impurities content in the air. To reduce the harmful emissions in atmosphere, PJSC «Azot» (Cherkasy) installed dust and gas treatment systems with efficiency level up to 96%. PJSC «Concern Stirol» renovated air treatment facilities and thus overtopped even the EU emission limits by 39%. PJSC «Azot» (Severodonetsk) installed aspiration systems reducing ammonium nitrate and urea dust emissions by 10%. Also setting of additional refrigerator for steam condensation was launched that led to harmful emission reduction on 20-25% 


Natural gas

We modernize regularly operating equipment raising the efficiency of natural resources consumption and preventing their exhausting.



UAH 217,8 million

were invested to production sites modernization in order to reduce natural gas use.

280,5 million CBM

of natural gas were conserved in ammonia and nitric acid production due to the operating facilities technological renovation.


Energy Efficiency

We aim to minimize energy intensiveness of the technological processes at the group’s enterprises ensuring preservation of the natural capital of our planet.



14,6 GWh

Is the economic effect of the rates reducing due to energy-efficiency program implementation.

UAH 11,2 million

were invested in the project contributing to the energy efficiency increasing at the BERIUMCHEM plants.