page_4Relatively recently in Artemovsk Donetsk region company Demetra-plus based on its own warehouse with rail branch enhanced driveway for the storage of fertilizers, has brought into operation the complex line of one of the leading foreign manufacturers for the production of mixed complex fertilizer NPK (fertilizer mixtures), capacity 9000 tons per month.

Fertilizer mixtures are a blend of equal-sized grains of nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers, and the components for their manufacture are select up thus, that the granules were the same size, so that there was no separation in the process of transportation. The main components of complex mixtures are nitrate or urea, ammophos and potassium. Among themselves mixed fertilizers are differ by major nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK). For example, the introduction of a universal formula of NPK as NRK 19:19:19, possibly under any crop species, NRK 25:21:10 – for winter crops, NRK 4:17:40, sunflower, corn, NRK 8 – 26-26 – for the winter cereal crop, maize.

Using the software, giving the possibility of fertilizer mixing in more than 150 different ratios it should be note that the probability to meet the needs of discerning professionals – what are you, “Demetra-plus” Ltd. is large enough.

Mixture NPK fertilizers are highly effective, can be used at any stage of plant development, economically profitably.

In the presence of soil analysis and the nutritional needs of the crop mix NPK (Fertilizer mixtures) may be more effective and plant nutrition will not be a limiting factor for achieving the estimated yield.