page_3A concentrated, high-nitrogen (10%) – phosphate (26%) – potassium (26%) of fertilizer. This granulated double nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer that contains 20-21% nitrogen and 50-53% P2O5 soluble form. It has good physical properties, the ratio of N: P2O5 = 1:2.5. As ammophos, is highly effective for inclusion in rows on black soils, particularly alkaline. Can be used on all types of soils for all crops. A valuable component for the preparation of fertilizer blends.

Diammophoska (DAFCO) produced in granular form, it is composed of the three major nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, as well as macro-and trace elements as sulfur, magnesium, calcium and minor amounts of Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe, Si, increase the value of agro-chemical fertilizers.

All nutrients diammophoska, including and phosphorus contained in water-soluble form and is readily available to plants. A high concentration of nutrients (> 60%) aligned granulometric composition, chemical homogeneity, the content of all elements in a single granule can distribute nutrients in the soil, to provide balanced nutrition to plants throughout the growing season and significantly reduce the costs for transportation, storage and application diammophoska.

Diammophoska is a complete fertilizer with a high content of phosphorus and potassium applied to soils, well-to-nitrogen: peaty, plowed fallow and cultivated in humid areas, and on soils poor in phosphorus and potassium. Diammophoska can be made well in advance, the full dose without fear of loss of nitrogen from leaching.