page_9NPK 15:15:15 – Highly complex mineral fertilizer containing all the main nutrients needed for plant growth – nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and trace elements: boron, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, molybdenum.

NPK 15:15:15 complicated mineral nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. Contains 15% N, P2O5 15% and 15% K2O, produced in granules. It consists of ammonium nitrate, ammophos, diammofosa, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate and potassium nitrate, resulting in a single technological process in the interaction of ammonia, nitric and phosphoric acids, with the addition of potassium chloride and potassium sulfate. Only available in granular form and has good mechanical properties, suitable for mechanized into the soil.

Used on all types of soils to the main and row application, for fertilizing during the growing season for all crops. The optimum ratio of nutrients makes it more economically beneficial to the main application for cereal, technical, row crops, perennial grasses.Have good physical-chemical properties, not toxic, fire-explosion-proof, non-caking. The product is treated with anti-caking agent.

NPK 15:15:15 can be used for the preparation of complex mineral fertilizers NPK – fertilizer mixtures. Fertilizer does not contain nitrate nitrogen, nitrogen is in ammonium and amide forms.

The composition of mineral fertilizer is sulfur, which is necessary to plants. Sulfur is one of the main elements of nutrition. It is a part of proteins and amino acids, as well as in the cystine and glyutathione, which are actively involved in redox processes of plants. In the presence of sulfur in the fertilizer, plants are more resistant to drought, frost and soil salinization.

Application of NPK 15:15:15. You can apply for main, preplant feeding, as well as for additional fertilizing. It applies to all cultures. At the main fertilizer on chernozem soil and on heavy clay soils of non-chernozem zone, fertilizer should be applied in autumn under-winter plowing, but on light soils in spring.

Fertilizer NPK 15:15:15 is non-toxic and non-explosive. Transported by all types of surface transport.