page_15Sulphoammophos-(NH4) 2HPO4 + (NH4) 2SO4 is all-purposes fertilizer, water-soluble, granular nitrogen-phosphorus product. Water-soluble fertilizer, has a 100% friable, not hygroscopic, has aligned grain size distribution, not dusty, and contains almost no impurities.
Sulphoammophos is produced of the world’s cleanest raw, i.e. Kovdor apatite concentrate, which contains a number of trace elements, taking an important part in the metabolism of plants – Mn, Fe, Zn, B, Si. The composition of sulphoammophos includes sulfur, promoting an increase in percentage of gluten in wheat, oil content in sunflower, soybean and canola.
Also, fertilizer contains such important elements for plant vital functions such as calcium and magnesium of 0.5%. Major reasons for recent years to focus on to sulfur are ballast free, highly concentrated fertilizer introduction to agriculture and as a rule unilateral use of nitrogen fertilizers to increase yields and improve grain quality.
A comparative study of different types, doses and methods of mineral fertilizers application for winter wheat for cereals predecessor showed that the sulphoammophos effect on yield culture equals to the effect of a mixture of ammonium nitrate and ammophos in case of its application in equal parts.
Application: sulphoammophos is used on all types of soils and for all kind of crops for basal, preplant application and for plants additional fertilizing. Fertilizer can be applied in a greenhouse with nitrogen and potassium fertilizers. Fertilizer mixtures of any brand could be created on the basis of sulphoammophos.
Advantages of sulphoammophos application:
1. It improves the quality of the product – increases
protein content in grain, oil seed, soybeans and canola.
2. Increases productivity of crops.
3. Promotes healthy growth and development of plants.
4. Increases the viability of the plant.
5. Increases the shelf life of products.
6. Aligned grain size contributes to easy introduction of fertilizers into the soil.
Sulphoammophos is an effective fertilizer, not only to increase crop yields, but also to improve product quality and, hence, its application has a good economic effect.
Security Requirements: it is processed with dedusting reagent, non-toxic, fire-and explosion-proof.
Packaging: 50 kg bags.
Transportation: in bulk and packed by all types of transport except air transportation, in covered vehicles rail in accordance with the goods transportation rules for such type of transport.
Storage: in covered warehouses, away from precipitation (rain, snow) and groundwater.