page_13Suprefos – NS is a physiologically neutral, with no chlorine, concentrated, complex nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer, composed on the basis of the precipitate (the most important phosphorus fertilizer with the floating phosphorus), ammonium sulphate (which contains ammonia nitrogen and floating sulfur) and ammonium phosphate.
It is composed of more than 85% of reactant: salts of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium and magnesium are distributed evenly in each granule, in an accessible form for plants.
Suprefos is suitable for all types of application both main and preplant and is characterized as prolonged duration.
It is used on all soil types and under all kinds of crops.
Due to calcium content it facilitates deoxidation of soil, the presence of sulfur in the mobile easily digestible form makes Suprefos-NS as the most effective fertilizer for winter and spring crops.

The unique formula Suprefos-NS, containing in its composition:
• up to 45% of the precipitate,
• up to 35% ammonium sulfate,
• 10-15% of mono-and phosphate diamony
makes it suitable for all types of soil under all kinds of crops.
Use of Suprefos-NS in potassium rich soils is quite important.
The presence of readily soluble nitrogen fertilizers and soluble forms of phosphorus on the background of slow acting precipitate allows the application of standards required fertilizer at sowing of winter crops, plowing under the plowing for spring crops sowing or by application the main summer crops.
Due to the presence of sulfur the better assimilation of nitrogen by plants is provided. The yield increase effect occurs when you apply a broadleaf culture.
It is rational to apply Suprefos-NS in autumn not only for winter, but also by plowing for spring crops in the steppe regions with low precipitation, as in this case deep fertilizer inputting to a less drying soil layer is provided.
There is also some effect on Suprefos applying with the sowing of spring crops.
A special feature of Suprefos-NS in comparison with a given ratio of component and reactant is the following:
• highly mobile, soluble compound fertilizer (ammonium sulfate, ammophos, diamonyphosphate) provide optimal conditions for plant growth during the growing season, when you need an increased amount of nitrogen compared with phosphorus;
• the development of root system and the ground part of plants is due to the precipitate, which contains phosphorus, except movable active calcium;
• due to the presence of phosphorus (neutral fertilizer), which inhibits the action of the active nitrifying bacteria, agrochemical efficiency of nitrogen is increased up to 30% and prolonged its duration;
• prolonging action of phosphorus increases the efficiency of agrochemical Suprefos-NS R2O5 up to 20%.
• the required dose (in accordance with the analysis of soil) to make a preplant tillage in the deeper layers of soil can provide nutritious food crops for the entire period of development, root feeding plants, at certain periods of their development.
• can be used as a raw material for fertilizer blends.
For plants (peas, vetch), which do not require nitrogen fertilizing, single application of required fertilizer dose (for soil preparation or at sowing) provides nutritious fertilizing during the entire life cycle of crops.
– 50 kg polypropylene bags with polyethylene liner;
– soft container such as “Big-Bag” up to 1000kg.