page_7Liquid fertilizer UAN is a solution which consists of Urea with Ammonium Nitrate and its content of Nitrogen 32%. UAN has neutral or alkalescent reaction, is limpid or yellowish liquid with a density of 1,26-1,33 g / cm ³.

Fertilizer UAN-32 contains almost no free ammonia, which eliminates the loss of nitrogen at loading, transportation, loading and at soil application. It can be apply with the help of efficient aggregates without simultaneous application in soil, and also with a half of water.

Solution UAN-32 with the inhibitor of corrosion can be transported in usual rail tank cars and liquid waste tanker. Low crystallization temperature (-2°C) and freezing (-26°C) is allowed the transportation and storage of UAN the whole-year, especially in buried into the soil heated warehouses. Crystallization formation and brief freezing of solutions UAN-32 in warehouse capacities does not represent a great danger as the temperature increases the crystals are dissolve and fertilizer properties are fully restored.

For the solutions storage can be used warehouse capacities intend for ammonium water and liquid complex fertilizers. During capacities filling intended for ammonium water, it is necessary to take into account that UAN density is at an average 1,30 g/cm³. It is not recommended to fill a tank with solution UAN more than volume 80% as exciding of given level may lead to deformation of the vessel and loss of fertilizer. In order to prevent crystallization and corrosion of metal to solution UAN ammonium phosphate or liquid complex fertilizers was added grade NP=10-34, NP=11-37, 0,2% Ð2Î5.